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Romantic Rants

Romantic Rants

Deadly Beauties: Blood's Fury - C.M. Owens (4 Stars)

Posted by Rebecca M Avery on May 23, 2014 at 4:50 PM

Blood's Fury is a romantic fantasy work by C.M. Owens. The story follows a young witch, Alyssa Coldwell, in her attempt to leave magic on the back burner, and live as a normal human before she turns immortal.

Then she meets a human, Kane Ice. Knowing the trouble involved with any human/immortal relationship, she tries to fight off her growing affection for him. Alyssa's efforts to live as a normal girl is quickly obstructed by the kidnapping of her mother. The rest of the story revolves around Alyssa's search for her mother, and her growing attraction for Kane, a mortal man.

Likes: The story is good, with a good mix of sexy romance, and mysterious suspense.

Dislikes: The story ends with a cliff hanger, that has me scrambling to read the second title, Deadly Beauties: Poison's Kiss, before the release of the third book in June.


As a side note, I would have given this book 5 stars because it's really good, but she never finds her mom! The book literally ends with someone telling her they have info about her mother, but they didn't find her.  I'm guessing that is what the next book is about, but it did tick me off a little.... I really wanted them to find her mom, lol. That didn't happen so it ended up with only 4 stars.



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