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Rebecca M Avery Books

Romantic Rants

Romantic Rants

Being helpful

Posted by Rebecca M Avery on June 25, 2014 at 10:30 PM

So the boy is in the kitchen fixing himself second supper consisting of a box of macaroni and cheese (the family size) because at 16 years old, 5 million calories a day is apparently STILL not enough.


After cooking the noodles he proceeds to try and open the fake cheese packet which essentially explodes, dusting the kitchen counter, the floor and his arms in orange powder.


Not one to be discouraged he sarcastically mutters "genius packaging there numb nuts" and begins dusting his arms off into the macaroni noodles, scooping powder off the counter and dumping it in as well.


In my effort to help, I hand him the broom and say, "Make sure to get it out of the grout so it doesn't turn to cheese juice when we mop. Oh, and I wouldn't recommend adding that to your noodles."


That earned me 'the look' which means that yes, I successfully annoyed him today (Woot - Go me!).  Besides, being a parent is all about being helpful!

Categories: 365 Ways to Annoy a Teen

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