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Romantic Rants

Romantic Rants

Trace of Fever - Lori Foster - (4 stars)

Posted by Rebecca M Avery on May 23, 2014 at 5:05 PM

This is the second book in Lori Foster's Men who walk the Edge of Honor series.  This book revolves around Trace Rivers who works as a mercenary along with Dare McIntosh from the first book.  Trace is undercover to bust a leader in a human trafficking ring, Murray Coburn.  Trace is well trained and ready for anything... except Murray's long lost daughter, Priscilla Patterson.  Priss has a little vendetta of her own where Murray is concerned.

Likes:  I liked how Trace was willing to do whatever it took to bring down the bad guys which included several rather nasty characters while attempting to keep Priss and any other innocents out of harm's way.

Dislikes:  Priscilla's character was a little hard to believe.  I like characters who aren't always what they seem but I had a hard time connecting with Priscilla.  As a woman, I know when I'm outmanned (pun intended) and am willing to step aside if it benefits the overall cause, regardless of personal feelings.  Priss was annoyingly not willing to do this.

I love the series overall and still highly recommend it though this story wasn't my favorite.

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