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Rebecca M Avery Books

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Jasmine Locke never backs down. Making Joe Norris stand up and pay attention to her is just another challenge she intends to conquer. The man is entirely too attractive to be so uptight. He may think she owes him for testing the limits of his credit card, bu he's about to learn she has no boundaries. With a video from her past threatening to ruin everything, borrowing from Joe this time may prove to be one costly mistake.

Joe Norris isn't sure how much more he can take. Jasmine Locke is making him crazy. With her wicked sense of humor and a body that won't quit, he's at his wits end when it comes to her. He'd like to think he's teaching her about acceptable behavior but he's discovering she's the one educating him. Learning snap judgements aren't wise is the biggest lesson he's been taught in a while Now earning Jasmine's forgiveness and winning her heart is proving next to impossible. 

**This book is a stand alone but reads better as a follow up to An Irish Debate.

Coming Soon!

Want an election with a clear winner?

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One last adventure in the states and Maisie Callahan is homeward bound. Then fate steps in and shows her another way. Falling in love was never in the cards for her. So why can’t she resist the spell of Governor Buckingham and his adorable daughters? She’s made her decision regarding her battle with cancer. Hasn’t she?

Boring. Stodgy. That’s how Governor Buckingham is known in the media, but dull means his life is scandal free. Being a widowed father of twin girls and a presidential hopeful, he can’t afford for his life to be any different. Obviously Maisie Callahan didn’t get the memo. Finding out her little secret throws Drew into the biggest debate of his life. Maisie is a worthy opponent but he’s in this to win!

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Cakes, cookies and desserts… yes, Sir! 

Designing custom baked goods is Amy Carlton’s life. Owning her own cupcake shop is turning out to be a bit more than she expected. With business growing faster than she can keep up, she could use a little help... even from the deliciously grumpy Master Sergeant ‘Rusty’ Hawkins. 

Life has left a bitter taste in Rusty’s mouth. Lately he finds himself without much of an appetite for anything. Until one sticky little cutie shows him just hungry he really is…

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Honor Ride - Riding with Honor Book 7

Now available!

“All that passion… those grits in your belly… they are a force to be reckoned with, Gretchen. Even now at your age. They are going to bring trouble to you your whole life, because they go against the common man’s ideal of what is polite, what is okay or what is normal. That’s what makes you a biker… not the steel horse you ride or even those that ride alongside you… being who you are regardless of what the world thinks or expects… that’s what makes you a real biker. If you ever lose that… you come back here and you pull out this here little trike, fill her up and ride her around a bit until you find your grits again.”

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